Sole Traders

OVERVIEW: How can we help?

  • We have a strong team of professionals providing audit, tax, and advisory services specifically to companies in the real estate, construction, and building sector. Our advisory service is prompt and efficient, independent, objective, and based on quality information.
  • We have extensive experience and knowledge behind us. We keep abreast of the most recent local and global development.
  • We are committed to working with you from start to finish in all key stages of the project or transaction, helping you to efficiently implement our recommendations.
  • We listen to you in order to better understand your business objectives and needs. 
  • We provide services that you require and really need. We can combine our services and capacities to meet your specific requirements.

Tax Services:

Saber Chartered Accountants can:

  • Provide advisory and tax services that take into account the particular characteristics of the real estate, construction and building industry, as well as the specific needs of your company;
  • Offer approaches that can result in tax savings or reduce the tax tasks connected with transactions;
  • Assist you in the following areas:
  • Tax implications associated with building and construction and taxation of building and construction companies;
  • Tax implications of and tax planning in relation to induced investments;
  • GST planning, including optimisation regarding refunds of excessive GST deductions;
  • Group GST registration to generate cash flow savings; including thin capitalisation rules;
  • Transfer pricing rules for related party transactions;
  • Pre-acquisition and pre-sale tax due diligence, to identify and mitigate tax risks;
  • Tax optimisation in relation to acquisition or disposal of property and real estate holding companies, with a focus on the tax implications of specific methods and indirect taxes;
  • Structuring agreements for the purchase of shares or assets;
  • Tax depreciation planning, including the tax treatment of improvements, taking into consideration the business benefits for real estate owners;
  • Real estate lease and related to tax implications;
  • Tax planning in the area of wealth tax.

Accounting Advisory Services:

Saber Chartered Accountants can:

  • Work for you at your company and under your management, on a secondment basis;
  • Assist you in preparing cash flow projections or planning reports;
  • Assist you in preparing underlying information for an audit, and calculating selected input data;
  • In business conversions, we will help you prepare the necessary closing statements and the opening balance sheet; and calculate the equity;
  • Assist you in implementing new accounting standards and make your existing reporting systems and processes more efficient.

Accounting Services and Payroll:

  • Accounting: we will process standard monthly accounting and prepare GST returns and year-end statements
  • Management Reporting: we will regularly prepare reporting packages for you in accordance with the accounting standards specified.
  • Budgeting and Planning: we can help you with preparing your budget, or if there is no budgeting process in place, we will assist you in developing a budgeting system that meets your business’s needs.
  • Advisory Services: we will provide additional advisory services based on your specific requirements.
  • Payroll: we will process your employee and executive payroll.


  • We will provide a wide range of audit and audit related services, from reviewing your business processes and examining your statements, to assisting in the preparation of your statements;
  • Review your company’s compliance with statutory requirements stipulated by accounting and tax legislation;
  • Work with you to identify, measure and compare basic business processes and establish how well they function;
  • Focus on areas that are core to your business and recommend improvement opportunities;
  • Analyse how your company functions and identify potential risks that, if not managed properly, may result in misstatements;
  • Prepare an independent report on your company’s position, giving you an objective and reliable view of your business, which will allow you to develop further;
  • Measure your company’s performance against your own key indicators, industry and market benchmarks.

Don’t let a messy audit be your fate, count on us to calculate.